Today’s Marketers Have To Be More Agile Than Ever Before.

Before reading any further, there are 2 terms you should know… Generalists: those who can do a little bit of everything. (I.e. your typical “Jack of all trades, master of none.”) Specialists: those who choose a single specific route and focus their work only in that area. Now that you know them, I want you to FORGET about becoming either of them… …because one thing is certain in marketing today.

Generalists & Specialists Are Extinct If that seems harsh.

Consider where your customers or clients are coming from: Because they can only speak to their particular skill, specialists are limited in TG Number List their abilities. And generalists, while capable of leading marketing teams through campaigns, don’t have time to keep up with new strategies and test-worthy trends emerging every day. So what’s the happy medium? Someone who’s able to link the core areas of digital marketing with expertise in about 1-3 of and can create a holistic strategy.

Otherwise known as… T Shaped Marketer What exactly is a “T-Shaped” Marketer?

Every single facet of digital marketing can be used to inform the marketing strategy of another.

You can use: Facebook Ads to build a larger email list. Email to encourage people to join your community, and… Community conversations to Vietnam Data inform your content calendar. In fact… There are endless ways to connect all the skills in digital marketing: A content marketer has perfected the art of growing an audience through organic traffic strategies.


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